In a nutshell:

Interviews and workshops, but mainly listening to your needs, will help us perform a thorough analysis of:

  • your corporate culture
  • your staff and their concerns
  • your work processes
  • your functional needs
  • your spatial needs
  • your structural needs
  • the concerned buildings

Then, the information is processed and the obtained proximity matrixes and functional and activity profiles are used as a basis for space planning. This is key to a rational and cost-efficient space management: every unoccupied m² will result in a cost reduction: rent, furnishing, lighting, heating/cooling, cleaning,...

Where situational planning on macro-level concerns the spatial needs of (and interaction between) the different departments, situational planning on micro-level will concern the further development of the work place and the supporting rooms (reception desk, sanitary facilities, meeting rooms, coffee corner, printing facilities, mailroom,...).

The plans are merged into one architectural concept integrating all major requirements for a successful project:

  • Organisational changes to be made
  • Technologies to be used
  • Ergonomics
  • Regulations
  • Acoustics
  • HVAC
  • ICT
  • Furniture
  • Light sources
  • Access control
  • Security

Hierbij wordt de huidige huisstijl als leidraad voor het creatieve en esthetische werk vooropgesteld, ofwel werken wij een nieuw imago uit.

Generally, the current corporate identity is used as a guideline for the creative aspect and look of the concept. Another option would be the development of a brand new corporate style.

Your building project might have a considerable impact on your employees. That is why we also offer a guidance and communication package. Participation and involvement of your employees are important factors to consider if you want a project to be really successful.

We offer a full service. In close consultation with the customer, we will take care of every aspect of the project: from specifications and price requests to final delivery.

Our structured methods allow us to guarantee perfect building site coordination, planning, quality control and budget management. At the same time, we will frequently report to the customer.

We can also plan your moving to new premises, from stocktaking to the actual coordination, including communication with your staff (by means of a guidebook and a detailed planning). It will reduce the work interruption and the hindrance for your employees to a minimum.

Once the building is being used and we completed invoice processing and cost control, we remain at your service for further advice and integrated management support and we will be happy to assist you with all your future changes in function of the evolution of your company.