onafhankelijk bureau

independent agency

We are an independent agency, established in 2006 and specializing in the design and consultancy process of the creation of your social environment.

De mens en zijn interacties

people and their interactions

When developing our projects, we always focus on “people and their interactions”. People are the capital of any company: they are your colleagues and your (potential) customers. Investing in this capital requires a human approach and your investment will only “pay off” in a pleasant and dynamic, but supporting and efficient environment. It should create a symbiosis between regulation, technology, cost, durability and design and at the same time reflect the values and strategy of your company.

Het werk wordt werkbaarder gemaakt

efficiency rules

As work environment experts, our goal is to perform a thorough analysis of your company and needs, and to use the results of this scrutiny to create a concept offering optimal support for YOUR specific operational requirements. It’s a win/win situation: your employees feel at home, the offices reflect professionalism and the performance level is improved. In other words: efficiency rules.

Alleen projecten op maat

tailor-made projects

Every customer is unique and has his own specific – often fast changing – needs. A concept must always be fine-tuned to match the requirements of the business and at the same time anticipate the future. That’s the reason why we only design and build tailor-made projects: innovative concepts as well as less progressive building projects, but always with the right look and feel.

Creativiteit en originaliteit

creativity and originality

Our creativity and originality are our trump cards. Cards we play when working on your project. We will not simply offer you a unique design, superb colours and stunning materials; we will take care of every functional, spatial, technical and financial aspect of the project. This approach made us who we are today: THE reference partner for your designing, building and space optimization needs.

Met een open geest

with an open mind

We will always work “with an open mind” and are happy to take into account new insights and ideas. The only approach we will refuse is the narrow-minded approach. Although our main focus lies on the creation of office solutions, we will gladly work on made-to-measure concepts for retailers, hotels, restaurants, pubs and homes; always starting from the same idea: the tailor-made solution has to evolve around people and their interactions.

Een woord is een woord

Always keep your word

Always keep your word”. It’s an old but proven principle and one we live up to. We give our customers all the advice they need: during and after the creation of their project. Confidentiality and trust are important to us.