Better Work, Better Life

  • Place: worldwide
  • Year: 2006 - now
  • Surface: variable

We developed a new overall concept for the worldwide market leader in the temping industry.

This comprises a new corporate identity with adapted logo and a completely new way of working. Although this entails a standardisation with space and cost optimisation, the comfort of the employees was simultaneously increased.

The worldwide pilot project was realised in Brussels in 2006, and will be repeated in 75 countries.

After the pilot project, we will continue to roll out the concept in Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with comprehensive management of each office: from real estate advice & tenant representation to measurement and location up to and including location coordination.

For new locations (incl. feasibility studies & technical analysis) as well as for the renovation of existing offices, for which a temporary mobile office was equipped/used.

Apart from the projects we also provide continuous facility, workplace and technical support.