Project WV

  • Place: Menen
  • Year: 2009
  • Surface: 150 m²

Renovation/furnishing a traditional terraced house, where the double annex at the back (one floor) was replaced by a large, open kitchen with kitchen island and built-in cupboards, and with maximum light and a view due to the extra domes and large sliding windows.

The connection between the kitchen and the existing house is a large cube, in which all “wet facilities” (bathroom, toilet, separate shower area) are concealed.

The cube is visually separated from the space through a built-in aluminium skirting-board with built-in LED lighting above and below the volume.

All technology was also fully replaced during the work. The house is now heated traditionally with radiators through the new high-efficiency boiler, while the kitchen is heated and ventilated using floor grids in the visible concrete cast-house floor.