De Voorzorg

Voorzorg 2.0

  • Place: national
  • Year: 2014 - now
  • Surface: variable

De Voorzorg asked us to develop a new corporate identity for their office in Geel, as part of the trilogy with Well2Day and Alg. Centrale/ABVV. As the main partner in this project, a clear personal identity had to be put forward alongside the unity with the other parties.

For the development & implementation of this concept, the entire process of our “how” page was gone through, as well as our complete service package. We managed the full project from structure of the building to completion, including call for tenders and customer representation.

The result is an overall concept that positions De Voorzorg as a strong brand for its customers while also creating a Zen-feeling, because of which possible visitor barriers disappeared. This is mainly due to small changes in the working patterns and the choice of shapes, materials and colours.

This concept will also be rolled out in their other offices, where we will be responsible for the analyses, feasibility studies & execution of (possible) new projects.