Blue Towers

  • Place: Ghent
  • Year: 2014
  • Surface: 1.300 m²

Partena involved us in the relocation to its new head office in the Blue Towers (Ghelamco Arena), where we were responsible for the look & feel of the offices (materials), spatial planning for their conference rooms and especially for the design of a new concept for their health shop.

The challenge was combining the general reception of their offices (quick counter) with the cash desk function, a reception for the health insurance advisors and workstations for these respective employees. All this had to be done without losing any transparency and confidentiality, and with respect for the necessary independent running lines in the shop in order not to mix circulation/functions.

The result consists of a combination of rounded double-sided displays and rectangular cupboard elements, made of acoustic material and provided with integrated shop systems, lighting and storage.

The icing on the cake, however, is the plectrum-shaped desk of 7.5 m diameters with three counters/workstations which seems to hover over the floor like a UFO due to the LED lighting, making it the centre of the whole reception area and shop zone.